Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their healing benefits. Aztecs and Mayans described them as “the Brain cells of the earth”.

Crystals have their own unique consciousness and placing them in an imbalanced energy field restores balance and harmony. Therefore crystals can have a positive impact on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


During a Crystal healing treatment, crystals may

be placed on or next to the body.

You will remain fully clothed throughout the


It is very relaxing and restorative.



The treatment usually lasts between

45 mins to 60 mins, depending on the your needs.

After your treatment:

You may feel very relaxed or even sleepy.

Therefore please allow extra time to get to

where you need afterwards.

You may feel very emotional, especially if you have 

stored up stress or traumatic experiences.

We also advise you to drink plenty of water and even have

a nap, if you can.