Distance Reiki

As Reiki is an energy healing system it isn't always necessary to be physically present.

I use Distance Reiki to provide healing to people who do not live close by, can not come to my treatment room or who can not leave their homes due to health conditions such as chronic pain or cancer, etc.

It may seem a little odd to most of us however energy does not know physical space or time and therefore distance healing works just as well as if I would give healing in person.

When you book a distance Reiki treatment we will discuss your requirements in a short consultation by phone or email.

I will then talk you through the process and set a time for your treatment.

I will contact you just before the treatment and again after to ensure everything is ok and allow you to discuss anything that came up during the treatment.

Payment for Distance Reiki is to be completed before the treatment.

If you wish to find out more or book a treatment please get in touch.