Our breath is our most valued and powerful tool. Yet most of us breathe very shallow or barely at all.

Our breath can not only calm ourselves but also facilitate healing.

A lot of people today choose mediation for relaxation and stress relief.

Stress = not breathing! Our sympathetic system is so hyped up that our breathing speeds up rapidly and stress hormones like cortisol start pumping through our bloodstream. That's ok if there's a threat 

however long-term this can lead to health issues. 

It is therefore important we consider our breathing habits.

Meditation is perceived to be very difficult, yet it's really easy to do.

Give your mind something to do, a focus, and meditation is absolutely possible for everyone.

During meditation we ensure we:

1. have good posture

2. breathe deeply

3. focus

Meditation works on several levels:

1. our physical level

2. our emotional level

3. our mental level

4. our spiritual level

During our meditation I will create a safe and relaxing space for you to just be. We will work on breathing techniques and visualisation as well as offer guidance and support. 

I offer 1 to 1 and small group meditation sessions.