Whatever fitness level you are at we can plan something for you. The first step is always the hardest but once you regularly include more exercise or movement into your life you will not want to stop. It makes you feel happy, it makes you feel better.

I am an experienced fitness instructor and also offer 1-2-1 therapeutic Pilates tuitions (Personal Training).

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As we all know one exercise/movement session won't change much, it needs to become a regular occurrance and habit. Therefore I will offer an exercise plan (including homework) to really make a difference.


Feel free to contact me for an informal chat or any questions you might have.

Whitessence Pilates with resistance band will bring a smile to your face

I have specialised in Pilates and exercise for diagnosed chronic conditions as well as pre/postnatal exercise. Pilates not only helped me to recover from injuries but also made me learn more about my body and how it can benefit others. 


If you are suffering with musculoskeletal conditions, nervous system disorders, heart disease, weight management problems, stress, anxiety, etc. Pilates can be a great way to start exercising safely, keep moving or continue the journey to recovery.


Pregnancy is a special time in your life and there are a lot of changes happening to your body and mind in a short space of time. Pilates is a great way to relax and stay active during pregnancy as it is low impact and focuses on posture,stamina, core strength and preparation for labour. At the same time it is a fantastic way to get back into fitness after birth.

"It is time I looked back and thanked those people who I would never have met had I not been ill but who have been so instrumental in my physical and emotional recovery. Diane is one of these special people. Having regained basic mobility after a devastating Sepsis illness I sought out a Pilates teacher who could help me gain more strength and improve my well being. I was so lucky to find Diane and attend her classes for several months. She was very mindful of my condition and worked sensitively and positively to support the strengthening of both my  body and mind. Thank you so much Diane you are a very special lady!" MJ

"Thank you. My back feels great, it's good to feel the difference between how bad it had got and how good it is now. We popped out earlier, getting out of the car and walking was fine, no stiffness in my back. I also walked up and down the stairs at home with ease. None of the usual on step at a time. You have magic hands, you are amazing. "TB

"Dear Di, I wanted to thank you so much for all the help you have given me in our Pilates sessions together. I so enjoy them and you have given me confidence back in my body again. thank you, thank you, thank you!!" J