Reiki for chronic pain

Having been through chronic pain myself I wish I would have discovered and received Reiki back then.

Since I have had Reiki treatments and have trained in Reiki myself I have been able to manage and heal my chronic pain much better.

Unless you are born with a chronic condition, chronic pain takes time to manifest as well as heal.

Therefore it isn't a quick process, however well worth the patience and effort.

I also have learned a lot about myself, what I can tolerate and what not, what I can do to help myself and that I need to listen to my body, mind and spirit better.

It provides us with warning signals however how often do we push on and hope it will go away?

It's time to take the ropes and act.

In the majority of cases I treat people who have had a traumatic experience which has led to chronic pain in the long term because the underlying emotional cause has not been dealt with. Most of these clients are on long term or life long medication without seeing much improvement.

I also often treat clients with chronic stress, anxiety and depression who have found Reiki extremely beneficial. Reiki has a calming effect on the nervous system however also gets to the underlying cause of the issue.

We become more self-aware, can evaluate a situation better and for some it even leads to life changing decisions for the better.

If you are living with chronic pain please feel free to get in touch for a chat or to book a consultation/treatment.