My Story

February 29, 2016


Today I'm thanking all the people who 
told me I might have MS, 
Made me suffer for more than a year,
told me to 'just get back to the gym'
Told me they don't know what's wrong with my arm,
Couldn't be bothered to take the time to sit down and work out a plan to cope and build up my strength again!
I'm thanking you because it kickstarted my journey to helping myself so I can now help others.
It shaped me as a person realising there are so many people out there who have been or going through similar situations and to never treat them the way I was treated.
Without these people I would have never become a fitness instructor, a massage therapist and pushing myself to learn about chronic conditions to eventually help others.
It may have even helped me have a greater empathy and understanding of what people are going through.
Only today I have spoken to a lady with Parkinson's. Her anxiety levels in public places cause her a lot of discomfort and nobody even took the time to have a chat and offer advice on how to manage it.
It took me a 15mins chat with her and a plan was in place. It was the first time she had met me and was comfortable to talk to me about her situation without feeling anxious. I felt blessed.
What I'm trying to say is there's light at the end of the tunnel. 
It shaped my future and negative experiences can be turned into something positive or wonderful. 
There are people like me out there who want to listen, who care and want to help where possible.
Both the lady today and I agreed
'Never give up' !


Di x

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