Wellbeing or being well?

March 5, 2017

Wellbeing or being well?


What does it mean for you? 

Let's face it, we're getting bombarded by adverts saying we should be eating this, drinking that, doing this certain exercise so many times a week, sleep so many hours, avoid this & that,.....the list is endless. 

Does it really matter?


What about you?

Being well or wellbeing has nothing to do with anybody else and everything with you.

How do you feel ...Mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually??


We are so led by what others say and do and compare ourselves to them that we actually forget that everybody is an individual and that being well starts with YOU.

(Sitting on the train yesterday listening to people's conversations certainly confirmed this!)


When we're not well we easily follow others and our needs are being clouded by someone else's doings or judgement. But is it what YOU need or want?


Let's start with your mental health? You may say nothing wrong with that. Do you have a bad habit? Do you have a tendency to worry or overthink everything as an example? Ask yourself why? Why do you do it? 


Physically do you wish you would look different, have more energy, and follow all these celebs and their latest fitness trends and diets? Why?


Emotionally YOU are always on a rollercoaster and not a day goes by where you go from jumping for joy to wanting to hide from everything? Why?


Socially you always have to impress others, do everything asked of you, and be with the in-crowd? Why?


Spiritually you may be into following something really intensely, more than normal or feel really disconnected. Why?


Firstly we need to accept that everyone is different and unique?

What is being well for one person is different for the next.


Look at the deep layers not the superficial ones.

If we stripped back everything you do and have what would happen?

They always say happiness and wellbeing starts from within and it's true. 

We have to accept ourselves and make sure the outside influencing factors like work, people, food, weather, money, etc are managed by ourselves.

Our wellbeing is influenced by the choices we make.

Some choose to only eat certain things for their health and wellbeing and that's fine, yet there's so much more to it. 


We need to balance our mental, social, physical, spiritual and emotional outlook. 

Tune in and evaluate what is good for you at the time. It does change, no doubt and is a constant struggle.

Remove what no longer serves you.

Don't believe everything you hear, read and think.

Open your mind. 

Let go of your ego.

Live your own life.

Follow your dreams and passions.

Be you.

Be unique.

Be well.


Until next time.





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