Is back pain holding you back?

June 10, 2017

Is Back pain holding you back?


If you're reading this I would assume you either have back pain or know someone who has and constantly moans about it?

Let's face it - back pain is literally a pain in the backside. Nobody wants it but we all do get it at some point in our life.

As a holistic therapist and Pilates teacher the number 1 reason people come to see me is for back pain.

Most people at their wits end, have tried everything and don't know what else to do!

Scans haven't revealed anything wrong with their backs, Painkillers and previous treatments haven't made a difference. 

The majority of back pain occurs due to habits and lifestyle and very few due to an actual problem with the spine.


What everybody wants to know is: how do I get rid of back pain?

It's not a simple answer. Everybody is so different yet there are things you can consider:

  1. Your posture! I bet that made you sit up straighter?! :o) I see a lot of people with poor posture and I'm not just talking about slouching. I'm talking about hips being out of line, duck feet, chin protruding forward, bottom tucked under, spinal vertebrae being out of line, different shoulder height, different leg length etc etc

Have a look in the mirror! What do you see?


2. Daily habits! Technology, driving, sitting, sports, work, carrying a bag, etc. 


3. Nutrition! Believe it or not it does play a HUGE role. Poor nutrition causes inflammation in the body which in some people will manifest into back pain.


4. Chronic Stress, anxiety or depression! Again for some people this will manifest itself in back pain.


5. Hydration! We need water to function yet so many of us hardly drink enough water. Dehydration can also lead to feeling sore or painful.


6. Medication! If you're taking medication please check the side effects list. You may be surprised by what you find. Speak to your GP if you're unsure. As well as that please also check if over the counter painkillers are necessary or if you can use a drug free approach. 


7. Sleep! Do you actually get sufficient and good quality sleep? 


8. Exercise! Although movement and exercise is highly recommended some people forget to rest. Overtraining in sports people is very common. On the flip side others do not exercise at all, which is even worse.


9. Work! Could your work contribute to your back pain? Do you sit or stand all day? Are you stressed out? Do you lift heavy or use machinery at work? 


10. Trauma! Whether you've had an accident or experienced something horrific it will be stored in your memory, conscious or subconscious. For some people this will manifest in back pain. 


11. Shoes! The shoes you wear have a huge impact further up the chain in our body.  The more you try and restrict the natural movement of your feet the more chance of back pain. 


So what can you do to help yourself?


  1. Consider shoes that have a flexible sole, no heels and mould to your feet. Try going barefoot (at least at home) and roll your feet on a tennis ball/massage ball etc. It's like giving your feet a well deserved massage and will help your ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulder and neck.

  2. Reduce stress and worrying 

  3. Get sufficient good quality sleep 

  4. Improve your nutrition, especially the intake of fruit, vegetables and water. Check with a nutritionist if you have specific requirements.

  5. Improve your posture through exercise. Low impact exercise such as Pilates, yoga, tai chi or swimming as well as stretching will improve back pain. Find a suitable teacher who can work with your specific needs. I'm qualified in exercise for chronic pain and chronic conditions and always happy to help.

  6. Have your bone structure checked and aligned. I can help using the Dornmethod.  This will stop irritating nerves and reduce the pressure on your muscles.

  7. Have a massage to reduce muscle adhesion and for relaxation.

  8. Have a Reiki treatment for relaxation, rebalancing and emotional pain release.

  9. Rest

  10. Be patient. You don't know how long you've been contributing towards your back pain. (I'm saying this in the nicest possible way.) Pain signals are the last signals to manifest and undoing everything will take time. Establish the root cause, make a change, be patient and stay dedicated. You will reap the rewards.


In summary: take a good look at yourself, seek help and consider a holistic approach. 

Our body is complicated and what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the other. Be honest and patient with yourself. 


Get in touch if you need advice or a treatment.


Best wishes,




  • Holistic therapist and Pilates teacher 

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