Why I choose to work intuitively

February 25, 2019


What is this?, you may wonder.
How do you do this? You may ask.

We live in a world where using our head, our brain, is always at the forefront.
Thinking, constantly thinking, literally living in our heads.
We’re taught this from an early age. We must use our brain.
Actually we do have a second brain and that’s our gut feeling.
We don’t often tune into this unless it’s such an overwhelming feeling or experience we don’t understand. Then wonder why we’re feeling like this?
Suddenly your gut has overruled your head.
Interesting or how weird you may say.
We’ve all had those experiences where we suddenly do or say something because of a feeling we had.
We all have this ability to feel, to sense things yet our head often dismisses it because you can’t explain it.
But then do we really need to explain everything?

Let me give you an example:
I had a client appointment in the morning for a personal training tuition.
As I got ready in the morning to leave the house I suddenly got a feeling I needed something for this client. I was drawn to my crystal box and as I looked inside I saw my Amazonite crystal pyramid.

So I took it with me not knowing what for.
I’ve learned not to question it.
I arrived at work and took the pyramid out of my bag and placed it somewhere close to us in the room.
My client arrived and we started the tuition as normal yet I started to notice my clients balance was off and the breathing shallow and fast.
In the last quarter of the tuition I suddenly felt I should let my client just focus on her breathing and place the crystal on the chest for her to hold.
So we did. We practised deep breathing and I gave her a bit of Reiki to rebalance and for grounding.
Afterwards it was clear it was exactly what she needed. She had a stressful week ahead of her already panicking how she would fit everything into the day.
This left her with short sharp breathing and being ungrounded.
My client said to me: “you knew what I needed”.
I did, but not in a conventional way. I didn’t think, I didn’t structure the tuition like this with a firm plan in hand,
instead I let myself be guided to what was necessary. My crystal knew best.

Amazonite is very calming.

If I would have had a firm plan in place I wouldn’t have gone with the flow in this tuition. I would have stuck to my plan, she wouldn’t have received exactly what she needed.
Part of being a therapist is to provide the best possible treatment for my clients and this means listening to them with all my senses.

I’m not saying this works in every situation and there are times and places where a firm structured plan is necessary but maybe in our daily lives we should start tapping back into how we feel more.
Trust me, we would make a lot of different choices.
For one we’d look after ourselves more instead of just keep going and going.
That can only be a good thing.

So here’s something you can do to reconnect with your gut feeling, intuition, or whatever you want to call it.
Find a quiet place to sit or lie down,
Close your eyes,
Focus on your breathing.
Just observe what your breathing and what your body feels like.
Simply be and observe for a couple to 5 mins.
It’s that simple.
This also helps to calm you down and refocus.

When practised regularly it’ll shift your focus from constantly thinking or overthinking to getting a feeling or knowing what needs to be done.

Your body will tell you what it needs, what needs to be done but often not if you use your head.
We need to check back in to the centre of our body.
I figured out years ago that this is how I work best, treat best.
Over the years my senses have become stronger and I sense things on a deeper level.
It’s an amazing gift we all have, we’ve just got to use it.

So the next time you come in for a treatment for your shoulder pain and I ask you how your toe is you know why 😉





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