Are we all intuitive or is it a special gift?

March 16, 2019


The reason for this blog is to help us understand and answer the question above.
I was asked this question by a lady who was thinking about learning Reiki for herself.
She understood or thought that you could only learn Reiki if you have a special gift or are intuitive .

Let’s look at what intuition means:
“the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Now let me tell you that we’ve all got this ability.
The reasons why some people don’t think they are intuitive are:
1. They don’t realise
2. They don’t understand what it means
3. Our systems and structures dismiss or suppress our intuition
4. We may perceive it’s a special gift only some people have

We actually don’t realise we’ve all got this ability and that we use it on a daily basis!

When we use our intuition we don’t question or think about our thoughts or emotions. We just say it, feel it and/or do it.

This example will resonate with most of you.
Have you ever stepped into a place and got a stomach turning feeling that you couldn’t explain?
Well your intuition was telling you something didn’t feel right for you.

Have you ever suddenly changed the route you normally take to work for no apparent reason/you can’t explain?
Your intuition told you so.

You didn’t question it. You had an instant feeling/ you made an instant decision.

Your intuition/gut feeling etc, whatever you want to call it, is more powerful than you think and we do use it a lot from an early age.
It doesn’t mean we understand it but then there doesn’t need to be a logic/reason to everything.

Unfortunately in our society we have created a lot of boundaries and fears which means everything has to be logical or explainable.

This often means that people who are in tune with their intuition are classed as special or different when in reality we all have this ability.

When we use our intuition we actually use all our senses. We don’t restrict our awareness.
Children and pets do use their intuition really well.

So in conclusion everyone of us is intuitive and certainly everyone can learn Reiki.

We just have to re-learn to actively listen to our intuition.

Trust me, we’d all make better choices and decisions.


If this has resonated or you have any questions I’d love to hear from you.


Kind wishes 





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