Get comfortable with silence

May 17, 2019


The fight-flight-freeze response, once the occasional visitor when a tiger crossed our path, has become a constant companion. This chronic stress response has been dissected in thousands of research papers, and the conclusion is simple: We are physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed.


Too much noise, too many smells, too many people, too much work, ...etc.


We try and switch off but for most people this consist of trawling through social media or watching TV.


We need to get comfortable with silence again. It’s necessary.

Constant overstimulation of our senses play havoc with our nervous system and health.


We’re no longer able to switch off fully to allow ourselves to reset. People don’t get sufficient quality sleep, have more anxiety and are restless.


I’ve noticed that people who come to me for meditation constantly fidget, breathe shallow, are exhausted and anxious, have aches/pains or health issues of some kind, etc.


You may have heard the phrase: only in stillness we can truly hear....


How can you hear or listen to your body’s needs when it is constantly drowned out by other noise?


You can’t. We make the wrong choices on food, what is important or not, life decisions, etc.


When we get comfortable with silence we start to notice ourselves, truly notice ourselves again. It doesn’t mean we’re comfortable with it. Far from it!

Until we learn to accept who we truly are and what our current and long term needs are, we will literally constantly ‘fight’ ourselves.


So small regular check ins are a great start.

Start by spending a minute in total silence and just focus on your breathing and your body.

Set your timer on your phone and just sit.


You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll become aware of as you progress.



How long was that minute?

How’s your breathing?

What is your body doing? Can you sit still? Do you fidget?

Is silence really uncomfortable?

What thoughts do you have?

Do you like yourself?


It’s going to highlight a lot!

Please don’t judge it, just notice.


Do this minute silence for a week, then progress to two minutes the following week and up to five minutes.


Find a space that works for you to start with, where you’re undisturbed.

Set your timer and go.

I suggest you make notes of what you noticed during that time so you can track your improvements and highlight anything you wish to work on, any thoughts or just something that stood out.


Again please don’t judge it, just notice.


Doing this daily builds your own practice and commitment to yourself.

After all, we’re all responsible for ourselves and actions.


You may find once you become more comfortable with silence again you may quite like it and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Just five minutes a day can make a difference.


People report they sleep better, can think more clearly, feel less stressed and less achy, etc.


Let’s get comfortable with silence again.


I’d love to hear how you get on.





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