Holistic Therapies

Therapies have played an important part in my life since 2007. Without them my recovery would have been half as successful, I'm certain.

Many choose a treatment as a recreational day out however for me it has become a part of my life. Something I wouldn't want to be without.

I can't stress enough the importance to listen to your body and look after it.

Whether that's physically, mentally or spiritually.

The therapies I offer touch on all 3 of these aspects.

The way I work is very intuitive and many of my clients value this especially. 

You choose and book the time you wish to spend with me and together we will work out the best treatment plan for you.

If it's your very first treatment we will schedule additional time for a consultation prior to your treatment. The consultation is free of charge.

Follow up appointments still include a short consultation to evaluate your progress and needs.

Whether you have one appointment or choose a treatment plan it's important to me that every treatment is specifically tailored to you as an individual. We are all unique and therefore should be treated as such, looking at your specific requirements.