A happier, healthier workforce will improve employee performance and productivity.

A productive workforce improves profits!

Look after your workforce and they will look after you.















Sickness absence costs businesses a lot of money and causes employees a lot of misery.  


Stress is a major factor. Despite its sensitive nature, stress can be successfully managed and reduced.


It's  worth the effort!  It leads to improved workforce health, cuts costs regarding sickness absence and improves business performance.


Improving workplace wellbeing for employees can create a healthier and more engaged workforce.  It can help reduce employee stress levels, absenteeism and staff turnover.



We can offer a holistic approach to wellbeing in the workplace:


  • Stretches & Movement exercises specific to the workplace environment

  • Mindfulness/Meditation to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing as well as productivity

  • specific therapies such as Chair massage, Reiki, Crystal healing and Pilates

  • office space enhancement

  • tips and support



 Employees who are engaged in their health are more likely to perform well, have lower healthcare costs and take fewer sick days.


Smart employers know that healthy employees come to work, perform at their peak and go the extra mile.



According to the Office for National Statistics, musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, such as back and neck pain, were the leading cause of lost working days in 2013. This was closely followed by stress, anxiety and depression, with 15 million working days lost. With more than 131 million working days lost in total, it’s clear why employers need to take action.


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Workplace Wellbeing